Team building that's More than Just a Free Lunch

CEOs, Managers, Directors…we get it, you’re exhausted, your employees are over-worked, and you’re all just trying to survive. 

It's time to unwind...for real

Free lunches are definitely one way to your employees’ hearts, but have you considered inviting them to a rousing game of Musical Chairs?  If not, how can you live with yourself, you monster?

Here’s how incorporating play-based team building can change your business:

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Boost Employee Morale

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Increase Team Productivity

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Fight Anxiety and depression

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Increase Problem-solving Success


‘Play’ but make it fitness…we gotchu, boo. 

With specialty classes to target core, glutes, upper body, etc., the Play! menu is open to all kinds of options, from Ab Fab Express (Pilates with a twist) to Yogachata (Latin Dance-Infused Yoga).  We can tailor-make small-group sessions to the focus of your choosing…so get the gang together and let’s have some fun!  

How can regular play change your business? Consider a weekly or monthly session!

Personal Training

100% personalized, playful, way, way-outside-the-box training that gives the same results with a lot less ‘ugh’ and a lot more ‘oomph’!  

It’s like Netflix and Chill, except we don’t get to watch Netflix or chill, so…um…But take heart!  Hiring a Personal Trainer can actually be fun, when it’s a Play! Joyful Fitness trainer…

Screw going to the gym and working on your squats!  Let’s take it to the park, the local field, the office or your ex’s house you still have the keys to…wait, maybe not that one.

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