We do a lot more than just provide some of the best workouts you can get from home. We create new forms of play that trigger internal passion and drive to get you the best results, and heal body and mind together. 


Play! Joyful Fitness is, quite simply, unlike any other fitness class out there, ever. Trust us on this one. Classes are typically only 30 minutes* of silly good fun, moving our bodies without the feeling of a traditional workout…nary a Burpee to be found! The first and foremost goal is simple: to play, to be creative, to laugh and be silly. The fitness element is a happy by-product.

*More traditional Yoga classes are 45 – 60 minutes, other Play classes are 30 minutes.


One thing we all miss as we grow (and especially during these last few years) is nurturing that carefree spark within us. We take advantage of the fact that you’re in the comfort of your own home to let you cut loose, find the ‘you’ hidden inside yourself, and 



Ugh, working out is the worst, am I right? Ya, we don’t like traditional exercise, either. See above comment re: burpees. Classes are suitable for all ages and stages! The goal is to play, to move and enjoy our bodies. When we play, we abandon judgment upon ourselves and others and just enjoy…so come on in, let go, be free, play! Bring your kids, bring your parents, bring your grandparents and revive your great, great, three times removed great great Uncle, too! Just give him extra time to warm up!
Ah! Sounds like a relatively terrible life! Looks like you might need some Play, no? But actually, we have workouts that are designated as more HIIT style, 30 minutes of non stop action, and if you want to go harder, you always have the option to do so. Modifications are always provided for more or less intensity. Bring it!

Play isn’t just for adults!  Check out our Family Play classes as marked in the schedule, and maybe consider reaching out to their teachers to inform them of our Play! Joyful Schools Program, in which we can offer online Play classes designed just for the Littles.  Also, invest in some locks, something Anna learned after her third child and several hundred “social” trips to the bathroom later…

Amazing question, very astute!  Sign up here and have a look at our package options, which are the Monthly, Six-Month and the Annual Pass  Each membership has a lot to offer, so it’s definitely worth looking over your choices, here…and by choices, we mean you really ought to sign on for the Annual Pass and get unlimited Play, because why wouldn’t you? 😉

Ooooooo, pen pals!  We love pen pals!  Reach out here.  We’ll always try to respond within 3 business days, and cannot wait to hear from you and build a connection.

So happy you asked!  Group Fitness classes are online, primarily.  You can click here to check out our super snazzy schedule anytime.  If you miss a live session, your pass allows access to all the juicy recorded content your little heart desires, even though we’ll totally miss you on-screen.  Some classes will be provided throughout locations across Ottawa, Ontario, TBA.  

These guys are a little different, as we are available to go in-person as space permits at the company requesting, or, of course, we’re happy to offer more Zoom calls to the already-zoom-packed-schedule.  May we suggest in-person play for corporate events, as there’s nothing quite like sharing a good laugh together, plus we can bring more toys, AND it’s a chance to beat Nancy from HR at the Freeze Game!  You know you want to…

Ok, that wasn’t a question, more of a statement, but I hear you: space, sound and, um…where do you use the loo, then?  Anyway, closet workouts can be challenging, for sure, but if you have enough space to raise your arms to the side, overhead, and lie flat, you have enough space for most of our Play classes.  Of course, we know a thing or two about grumpy neighbours and flat-mates, so worry no more!  We can modify for lesser impact (no jumping) but the same amount of fun!  Now, get thee to a new place with nicer people!

OMG I hate lifting weights, too!  Twinsies!  Do you have a body?  If you answered yes, then you have about 90% of the stuff you need for Play classes.  With your Play Pack, you’ll receive the basics you need for most classes, and anything additional is always noted in the schedule so no surprises!  The only thing we don’t provide is a mat, and we’d highly suggest a simple thin yoga mat is great.  Maybe a towel.  Water.  Perhaps an 80s style neon one-piece leotard, if you really want to be impressive.  Otherwise, you’re set!  Don’t forget your body, though, because that’s gonna come in super handy.

Oh honey, if only you knew the half of it…and yes, agreed, Personal Trainers can be soooooooo dull.  ‘Different’ would be one word to describe us!  If you’re looking for a certified Personal Trainer who won’t just take you to the gym and make you do endless squat variations and *yawn* lift weights, then yes, we can help out.  Online sessions are absolutely possible, as well as mobile services here in good old Ottawa.  Gyms are absolutely not required, and we can be as creative as you want to be: park programs while the kids play?  You got it!  Desk workouts from the office? Yep!  Dance while folding laundry?  Sure!  Fitness should be FUN, not a chore.  We’ll create innovative, off-the-wall programs that will get you moving without it being hard work.  Just…play!  Contact us for Personal Training Packages.